What’s really stopping you?

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Life is busy. Whether you have one kid … four … none … there is no limit to the number of distractions and diversions that can keep you from focusing on your goals.

Now that I have four young kids, it is easy to believe that the endless demands of motherhood on my time are the sole reason I am not as productive or proficient as I would like to be. Then I remember that one small baby felt overwhelming. Even when she napped, I was too focused on her to do much of anything else. Before kids, I was focused on work, or, more often than not, having a good time. (Though, had I known how much I would miss sleep, I might have napped a bit more.)

In either scenario, it is only when those excuses are removed that you realize what is really holding you back. How often have you sat at work on an especially boring day and thought of all that you could be getting done if only you were at home … then gone home afterward, only to binge watch TV in your pajamas? Or you’re praying for all the kids to nap at the same time so you can just tackle your to-do list, but end up playing on your phone for the entire hour?

Don’t get me wrong. Everyone needs time to decompress and wind down, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that you never have any free time. Maybe your free time and energy levels don’t always synch up at the same time, but, if the same tasks go unattended for weeks on end, there are probably reasons other than a lack of time and focus that are keeping you from them.

Do you really not have 20-30 minutes at any time throughout the entire week to exercise or clean or work? When you do have time to yourself what are you doing? What are you telling yourself at that time about why you aren’t being productive? How do you really feel about your “me” time?

How are you really spending your free time?

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